Designer Boutique: Meridian

Jeremy Mistretta
February 26, 2021

All New Age Artisans hands were on deck for a fast paced project at Meridian Boutique in January of 2021.  The team was tasked with the challenge of creating a wall of free-form Tadelakt shelves to display the stores unique and chic selection of clothing and accessories.  In addition, new lime finishes were applied throughout the rest of the business and a convex arch was built and plastered over the new counter.  With a stringent timeline and strong attention to detail, our team completed the project in record time!  The fresh plaster accents the space beautifully and harnesses the natural light from the southern storefront windows.  The walls can be seen glowing at all hours of the day from historic Main Street. 

Check out Meridian online, and on instagram @meridianboutique  If you are in Bozeman you can head to the store and feel the smooth Tadelakt finished shelves for yourself as you pick out some new designer denim! 101 East Main Street | Bozeman, MT 59715


“Our mission at Meridian is to inspire our customers through refreshing, creative and personalized experiences everyday.  Meridian’s retail concept invites our customer into an authentic, inspiring domain for women via our product assortment, materials, story, and atmosphere. The store combines influences from around the world with customized local elements to create a superior customer experience. Our design philosophy borrows from the metaphor ”mi casa es tu casa.” Creating a space for women to hone in the Art of Dress is our primary focus. We are reimagining Meridian moving into the next decade. We’ve rebranded + designed various retail upgrades, inspired by the following attributes: