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Plaster Diaries

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Tool Talk

From ancient artisans to modern innovators, the appreciation of a smooth trowel stroke spans millennia. The evolution of these tools has been fascinating, shaping not only the craft itself but also the final outcome of our work.

Artistry and Plaster

Sculptors value the physical and chemical properties of plaster as well. Whether that is molds for detailed forms before casting a bronze figure or replicating the movements of the air, water, and earth on canvas. The versatility and quick drying time provide endless possibilities.

Earth Domes in Mexico

Learn about the unique experience of building earth domes with Superadobe in Mexico. These sustainable homes are constructed using dirt and imagination. Discover the process, challenges, and the sense of community that accompanies the construction of these homes.

Sharing is Caring

“All drywall MUST be taped to a level 3 finish prior to plaster install,” is a bolden phrase that graces our estimates and contracts. While the term “plaster” primarily conjures visions of lathe and horsehair in your grandparent’s farmhouse, to many it’s important to note that since the 1940s this has changed, and lathe has been replaced with sheetrock panels. As the result, plaster has transitioned to a decorative finish and less of a structural facade.