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Your subscription provides access to some of the best plaster courses offered online. These courses cover all the basics of plaster techniques and traditions.

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Members-only content, featuring insider tips, tutorials, and inspiration to enhance your plaster work, brush up on new techniques, or master time-honored skills.

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The Artist Series offer advanced plaster techniques, elevating your skills. Accessible exclusively through your Plaster Portal Membership, these courses require an additional fee due to their premium nature.

Philip Gaches
Cornice In-Situ with Philip Gaches

Artist Series

The Artist Series courses are taught by industry professionals from around the world, and are a unique way to add an ancient skill to your contemporary quiver.  These courses can only be purchased once you secure a Plaster Portal BASELINE subscription.


Our in-person workshops are a comprehensive, hands-on experience designed for all skill levels and aspiring plaster masters. Participants will gain first hand experience in our various applications, techniques, and Blends. Workshop prices vary depending on the instructor and topic of instruction.

Man in apron with the Plaster lime cycle on a whiteboard in the background
Traditional Lime Plaster June 2024

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Explore the latest releases in the Artist Series courses, an exclusive addition to the Plaster Portal's lineup. Gain unparalleled insights from renowned artists in the field and elevate your plaster craftsmanship. Unleash your artistic potential with these inspiring courses.

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