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New Age Artisans team


If you don't see an FAQ that answers your question, feel free to get in touch with us. We would be happy to help!

How much does it cost?

Due to the thickness of the plaster, we are able to reduce the amount of drywall preparation.  Most painted walls need a "level 5 finish" and a coat of primer and two coats of paint.  Plaster only needs a "level 3 finish." This is considerably cheaper than the level 5.  In addition the color is in the plaster, so there is no need to paint after the plaster is up.  At the end of the day, plaster is only about 30% more than paint in new construction settings.

How do you base your estimates?

Using on-site measurements and drawings provided by the architect, designer or homeowner.

Is it repairable?

Most of the time yes. Repairing small dings is easy.  Moving a light fixture isn't and sometimes requires re-surfacing the wall.

How do I clean my plaster walls?

Most of our plasters are sealed with olive oil soap, a mild olive oil soap solution should remove most blemishes. Mix a 50:50 blend of olive oil to water.

Will sunlight degrade or fade my plaster walls?

No. Unlike conventional paint systems sunlight does not impact the longevity of a plaster finish.

Can you match the color on my existing wall?

Yes we can! All day long.

Is it possible to change the color of my plaster walls?

Yes, we are able to coat over existing plaster walls with a different color of your choice. White plaster can cover black plaster and vice versa.

What drywall finish is required for your lime plasters?

Due to the slightly larger aggregate in our base coat, the walls only require a Level 3 Drywall Finish. In turn our customers save on drywall installation.

Why should I choose plaster?

We believe that plaster walls are beautiful and offer a 3 dimensional look that paint can’t achieve. They change with light movement and are a sensory treat for the eyes and the hands.

Where can I purchase New Age Artisan blends?

At this time you can only purchase the Blends through our website and plaster mentors. We require all purchasers to go through the corresponding plaster course. This ensures installers and students alike are well-versed in our lime plaster application.

What do I do with the reusable bags?

All of our BLENDS are shipped in reusable bags. Once your project is complete ship them back to New Age Artisans for a credit on your next order.

Can you add color to your plaster?

Yes! Pigments can be added to all of our New Age Artisan Blends.

Why lime plaster?

After years of experience with a myriad of plaster finishes, our team has landed on lime. Our blends have the durability of a gypsum and the workability of clay, truly combining the best of both plaster mediums. Lime plaster absorbs free carbon in the air, and is easily repairable compared to most other plasters. With no added pozzolans our plaster has no “pot” life. Once mixed, the plaster will remain usable indefinitely if covered correctly-ensuring your investment in our products.