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Old world wall systems, handcrafted to meet today’s building needs.

Natural Beauty, Exceptional Craftsman

From its humble beginnings as a one man show in 2004, New Age Artisans has grown slowly and responsibly in order to create a solid business foundation.

It is New Age Artisans’ mission to bring the natural beauty of the world into your space.  Using natural plasters containing no synthetic materials, we are able to create a healthy and beautiful wall system without sacrificing our commitment to the environment.  Our wall systems beautify not only your space, but also your life.

A beautiful hallway
A beautiful stairway
A beautiful dining room
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Client Appreciation & Experience

“Jeremy and his team are beyond talented! Ever ready to bolster their already prolific knowledge learning from different artisan cultures around the world makes them an asset on every project. Their unique style and attention to detail is unparalleled and each and every one of the team members is a joy to be around on the job site. I look forward to working with this team whenever the opportunity arises.”

Skye Anderson

“New Age Artisans have a unique ability to work effectively with both client and Architect to educate, explore, and create. Jeremy’s dedication and commitment to his craft make him a stand-out in any successful project.”

Thor Arnold

“Jeremy and the New Age team bring a level of professionalism, old world craftsmanship and positive attitude toward each and every project. Their attention to detail, nuance and true artistry is lost among most of their peers. The effort that each of the NAA crew brings to the table each and every day is as lost of an art as the lime plaster they so tediously trowel on the walls. Of all the trades people we work with New Age Artisans is by far the cream of the crop. Simply stated, they are by a long-shot the very best in the business. We are thankful to work with consummate professionals project after project.”

Todd Thesing

“For more than 30 years, On Site Management has been privileged to build some of the most amazing homes and ranches in the Northern Rockies. Jeremy Mistretta and New Age Artisans have become one of our key partners, providing the highest quality handcrafted finishes that our clients demand at this level of construction. Not only can New Age Artisans deliver amazing finishes on time and on budget, Jeremy and his crews do their work with a spirit of care and cooperation that always makes them a favorite subcontractor on our job sites.”

Peter Belschwender

Plaster Diaries:

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Plaster art on a permaculture building in Costa Rica

Rancho Mastatal

Rancho Mastatal is a hub for permaculture education, encompassing a variety of topics like fermentation and wilderness medicine to natural building and agroforestry. Over the last 20+ years, the core team and yearly apprentices have created a community locally and internationally that are implementing permaculture practices daily.
Plaster trowels and tools

Tool Talk

From ancient artisans to modern innovators, the appreciation of a smooth trowel stroke spans millennia. The evolution of these tools has been fascinating, shaping not only the craft itself but also the final outcome of our work.
Rebecca Gilling creating a relief scupture in plaster

Artistry and Plaster

Sculptors value the physical and chemical properties of plaster as well. Whether that is molds for detailed forms before casting a bronze figure or replicating the movements of the air, water, and earth on canvas. The versatility and quick drying time provide endless possibilities.
Dual tone Tadelakt shower and bathroom

Tadelakt Plaster Shower Inspirations

Tadelakt has quickly captured the attention of interior designers, homeowners, and renovators. It's a Moroccan plaster technique that dates back over two thousand years and has emerged as a unique alternative to tiles. With the lack of grout lines and a hydrophobic membrane, tadelakt plaster is used in showers to create seamless designs that stand the test of time.
Pottery created by Marianne Robilotta on shelving

ARTIST PROFILE: Marianne Robilotta

Marianne wasn’t always natural born potter. Born in New Jersey, Marianne attended New Jersey City University and pushed through her ceramic’s degree with minimal enthusiasm. With unbridled passion, Marianne stayed until midnight most nights honing her skills. After a few months, she had surpassed the rest of the crew in her skillset.
Living and dining room

South American Soul

In a crowded design world of click and stick aesthetics, it isn’t often we come by a home that maintains a robust storyline and whose unique décor sets it apart from ALL others. In 2020, we had the good fortune to meet Peruvian native Veronica Nelson, aka “Vero.” We were quickly taken by her authentic demeanor, eclectic style, and overwhelming desire for her home to tell her story.
Entry way of District Loom


Her premier business purchase of seven Turkish rugs in December of 2018 led to her first District Loom sale in January of 2019. It’s been a wild ride in just a few years for Heather. She has relocated to Bozeman, Montana leaving behind “real world” societal happiness and is basking in the glory of her new life.
Ocean view in Mexico

Baja Bliss

After the Park City project, my family and I continued to work and travel as much as we could. In the aftermath of a harrowing experience exiting Morocco at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we decided that our next international travel experience should be “muy tranquilo” in comparison to the year prior.
Split level home

Downtown Family Home

This amazing Bozeman farmhouse was originally constructed in 1889 and had an addition in 1950. It was used as a rental home in the 90s and early 2000s until it was purchased by the tenant in 2004. After years of planning, the home was gutted entirely in 2015 and a new addition was placed on the backside structure.
Jeremy Mistretta in Morocco

Marooned in Morocco

In 2020, after years of work and gained maturity from our children, my wife Katy and I decided it was a great time to travel to Northern Africa and visit this magical place. The land of high mountains, exotic hand woven rugs, intricate tiles, and prized plaster finishes. We left our home in Bozeman, Montana on March 7, 2020 despite whispers from friends and family questioning our choice to leave amidst the unknown early Coronavirus static.
Man is plastering a ceiling

Tadelakt Transcendence

The first rule of tadelakt? You don’t talk about tadelakt. The second rule of tadelakt? You DO NOT talk about tadelakt. It’s ironic that this plaster tradition has been shrouded in mystery for years even though its primary origins are verbal. This hydrophobic plaster technique dates back over two thousand years and has become the longest standing tradition in the plaster world. It’s a multistep process that relies on keen awareness of your surroundings, engagement of your senses and carefully selected grades of lime.
A beautiful plaster bathroom

Plaster 101

If you have been doing any research on modern plaster walls, it probably comes as no surprise to you that the Tadelakt system has been around for thousands of years. However, you might not have been aware that Tadelakt is a specific type of lime plaster and was created by the Berbers in Northern Morocco. The Berbers, of Northern Africa have no written language. Therefore, this tradition was passed down verbally from generation to generation.
Plaster Tools at New Age Artisans

Tools of the Trade: Plaster Tools We Recommend

From trowels and drills, to buckets and maskers; we're going to run through what the team at New Age Artisans believes to be the top 10 “must-have” plaster tools for any industry professional or DIY enthusiast.

Earth Domes in Mexico

Learn about the unique experience of building earth domes with Superadobe in Mexico. These sustainable homes are constructed using dirt and imagination. Discover the process, challenges, and the sense of community that accompanies the construction of these homes.
Drywall Shorty in Build Episode

Sharing is Caring

“All drywall MUST be taped to a level 3 finish prior to plaster install,” is a bolden phrase that graces our estimates and contracts. While the term “plaster” primarily conjures visions of lathe and horsehair in your grandparent’s farmhouse, to many it’s important to note that since the 1940s this has changed, and lathe has been replaced with sheetrock panels. As the result, plaster has transitioned to a decorative finish and less of a structural facade.
A crew of plaster artisans

Parlez-vous "Platre?"

The term “plaster” conjures various images. Here in the United States, most believe it’s an imported high gloss finish made in Italy, while some consider it to be smeared drywall mud that’s painted. There are a select and latent few that cling to its original calcium roots. Throughout our many trowel travels, we have gained the perspective that there are “different strokes for different folks.” We respect the trade as a whole and ponder the motives of every plasterer we meet.
A beautiful kitchen

The Many Shapes of Tadelakt

The renowned beauty of Tadelakt along with its hydrophobic functionality make it a standout among designers and artisans, alike. While many use a Tadelakt installation as a backdrop for timeless showers and bathroom designs, our team has recently seen the ancient plaster technique creep into other areas of the home. From range hoods to backsplashes, Tadelakt's minimalistic appearance creates an overall harmony in a home that is not easy to replicate.
Le Arti Perdute

Le Arti Perdute

The only constant is change, and subsequently it’s only natural that new traditions are forged and lost arts are formed. Our New Age Artisans team has developed quite the penchant for the inherent qualities of craft and forgotten mediums; and we’ve constantly strived to document the journey throughout our trade tenure.
Books about plastering walls

The Building Limes Forum

Calcium Carbonate, or “lime” has a myriad of uses in our world. Its origins date back thousands of years, and we suspect that early cavemen broke off chunks of limestone around a fire pit and with the addition of water, the “quicklime” became hydrated lime or lime putty. The resulting binder was then mixed with an aggregate such as sand. During the drying stage, the mortar or plaster absorbs free carbon from the air and reverts to limestone. Since the inception of caveman time, this chemical compound has been integrated into air systems, wastewater management, agricultural development, and of course construction.
A beautiful shower adorned with Tadelakt

Timeless Tadelakt

From its aesthetic appeal to practical advantages, Tadelakt has quickly captured the attention of the world. With the start of a waterproof membrane followed by a natural chemical reaction that renders layers of plaster hydrophobic, the tactile surfaces of Tadelakt breath life into any space. The endless design options of the traditional Moroccan plaster have transfixed the world for centuries-though recently it has entered the mainstream and is no longer solely coveted by designers. But what exactly is Tadelakt? And why can't everyone stop talking about it?

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