The Many Shapes of Tadelakt

Plaster Hoods
Kelsey Thrush
April 21, 2023
7 min read

The renowned beauty of Tadelakt coupled with hydrophobic functionality make it a standout amongst both designers and artisans. While many use Tadelakt installations as backdrops for timeless showers and bathroom designs, our team has recently seen this ancient plaster technique inch its way into other areas of the home. We gathered a few of our favorite range hood projects (plus a backsplash we couldn’t leave out) that showcase just how versatile Tadelakt can be!

Rather than a towering accent, the subtle variation of a Tadelakt kitchen hood holds itself high, as a quiet foundation to the classic kitchen below.  With tight corners and a recessed mechanical component, the plaster hood is a dimensional design element that adds to the tonal variation throughout the kitchen.