Tadelakt Plaster Shower Inspirations

Kelsey Thrush
August 31, 2022
3 min

Tadelakt has quickly captured the attention of interior designers, homeowners, and renovators. It's a Moroccan plaster technique that dates back over two thousand years and has emerged as a unique alternative to tiles. With the lack of grout lines and a hydrophobic membrane, tadelakt plaster is used in showers to create seamless designs that stand the test of time. Here are just a few of our favorite designs over the years that we constantly showcase as a testament to what tadelakt surfaces can achieve.

Photography by Dan Armstrong

If you are craving color for your shower walls, have no fear! Color can easily be mixed into the lime plaster to create your own unique shower. Due to the unique plastering technique of tadelakt it can be molded into a majority of shapes and the typically sharp lines of traditional Western building become inherently soft.

Photography by Dan Armstrong

A favorite shower among our team due to the unique combination of materials along with the tadelakt shower walls. The smooth finish on the walls allows for the striking veining of the marble bench and shelf to take center stage.

Photography by Ryan Bent

The shower that inspired us to create our DIY Tadelakt course! The contrasting tones helped define the separate spaces of the shower, while the water-resistant surface of tadelakt plaster lets the entire bathroom act as a wet room. With simple guidance from our artisans the homeowner carefully polished olive oil into the curing lime wall, creating his own tadelakt vision miles away from our headquarters.

Photography by Dan Armstrong

Oops, you caught us! While this is technically not a shower, we can't help but admire how the plaster walls and ceiling add a considerable amount of depth to this already stunning bathroom. The soft movement of the Moroccan tadelakt combined with the natural stone tub makes for a timeless design.

The application of this traditional Moroccan plaster is an excellent choice for seamless finishes that can withstand a damp bathroom or shower.