Fresh alternatives to conventional wall systems

A beautiful kitchen

Our Process

Our plaster wall finishes allow rooms to come to life and enhance them beyond the commonplace fate of flat paint.

A beautiful home

You Design It

It all begins with an idea. Perhaps you were traveling to Morocco and found yourself more relaxed than you have been in ages in a plastered riad, getting lost in the feeling of the space.  Our wall finishes create just that feeling: old world sensation and intrigue in your modern space.  We bring rooms to life and enhance them beyond the commonplace fate of flat paint. Maybe your kitchen is begging to become exquisite or you’re building a new house that is worthy of the gods, therefore yearning for the walls of luxury we provide. Whatever it is, we want you to know that we are available for a 20,000 square foot project, or a 20 square foot project.  We will take the same care across the board no matter how big or small the project may be.

We Build It

Allow us to take your designs and concepts and turn them into a tactile, beautiful and dynamic space. Maybe you have dreams of a new home. Maybe you want to turn your bathroom into a Moroccan lime plaster bath house. Or maybe you have a dynamic new restaurant project to share with the world. Plaster walls allow aesthetic vision to become reality, whatever it is. The way we finish your walls will be worthy of deep satisfaction and over the moon contentment with your new space.

Plastering a wall

Our Techniques

Matching plaster color

Custom mixing + color matching

We mix and create the plaster of your choice on site as we work to insure the best quality and accurate finish for your project.  From our organic HERITAGE blend to our honed REFINED finish, the integration of color is one of our primary focal points.   We offer color consultation at our library, and have a showroom FULL of samples and inspirational photos (no-one in the state has that!)

Applying texture to a wall

Multi-Surface Application

Using a plaster with a course finish, such as Sand we can create a medium to heavy texture with a matte finish. It is ideal for replicating concrete, stone, and other coarse finishes.

We have all the equipment necessary to accomplish applications from cathedral ceilings to large scale rounded ceilings.

Depending on the look you are aiming for, plaster has many faces it can take on; from organic rounded curves to contemporary razor sharp edges our team can accomplish any desired detail.

Tadelakt Stone Burnishing

New Age Artisans has been traditionally trained in Marrakech by tadelakt masters.

Tadelakt is a special-purpose plaster designed for use in wet areas, such as tub-surrounds, shower walls, kitchen backsplashes. It provides a beautifully seamless, uniquely-charactered alternative to tile or panelized surrounds. It can also be used for decorative, dry-area applications.

We are artisans who care about the work we create.

Hands in plaster

Plaster Wall Systems

Dynamic plaster walls that change with the movement of light.

A room with plaster walls


Project Use: Accent walls, whole home or business, remodel projects

Lime is a vital and ancient material used by humans. It is known by different names in various languages, such as ossido di calcio in Italian, oxyde de calcium in French, and óxido de calcio in Spanish. Limestone, a sedimentary rock rich in calcium and magnesium carbonate, is extracted from quarries and mines worldwide. Through the lime cycle, limestone is heated to produce quicklime, which, when mixed with water, forms hydrated lime or Type S. The combination of carbon dioxide and atmospheric conditions converts Type S back to limestone, making lime an ideal plaster material. Lime plaster is commonly used for exterior stucco, Venetian plaster, and the revered Tadelakt system.


Project Use: Showers, kitchen backsplash, high profile accent features, bathtubs and sinks, gallery rooms

The craft of "tadelakt" originated in Morocco. It involves rubbing and smoothing the curing lime plaster with a polished stone and integrating olive oil soap into the material, resulting in a hydrophobic interaction. Originally used to keep water cisterns clean, tadelakt has evolved into a timeless plaster that can be applied in various areas such as showers, backsplashes, countertops, and bathtubs. This technique is a system that takes years to master. New Age Artisans, practicing tadelakt since 2008, is the only installer in the area. If you're not in Bozeman, Montana and want to install this unique lime plaster, consider their tadelakt course, a mentorship program that provides phone and video consultations to help you create your oasis of tadelakt plaster walls without the need for extensive trial and error.

A beautiful home


Project Use: Accent walls, whole home or business, remodel projects

Clay, one of the oldest building materials, is an excellent choice for wall finishes. It has been used by about 50% of the world's population, including traditional societies and developed countries. Clay plasters offer the advantage of being able to breathe with changes in temperature and humidity. They provide a wide range of color options and are easy to repair. Unlike chemical-set plasters, clay plasters create a smooth and flawless finish through a mechanical bond. New Age Artisans has extensive experience, having completed over 500,000 square feet of installations using American Clay plaster.


Project Use: Accent walls, whole home or business, remodel projects

Gypsum plaster, also known as "Plaster of Paris," is produced by heating gypsum to about 300 °F. When the dry plaster powder is mixed with water, it re-forms into gypsum. The setting process of unmodified plaster begins about 10 minutes after mixing and is complete in about 45 minutes, so timing and speed are crucial during plastering. A significant deposit of gypsum was discovered in Paris in the 1500s. In response to the Great Fire of 1666 in London, the French queen ordered that all wooden structures be coated with plaster as a safety measure, leading to the name "plaster of Paris." Gypsum plaster creates a hard and durable finish, making it ideal for simulating the appearance of wood, stone, or metal. The addition of sealers and waxes enhances the beauty of gypsum plaster.