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Welcome To New Age Artisans

New Age Artisans is a plastering company based out of Bozeman, Montana. Living in the mountains, owner Jeremy Mistretta sees beauty around him everyday. It is his mission to bring this natural beauty of the world to your walls. Using natural plasters containing no synthetic materials, New Age Artisans is able to create a healthy and beautiful wall system without sacrificing its commitment to the environment.  These wall systems not only beautify your home, but your life.

Our Work


Custom Plaster

Visit our Project Gallery to see how the custom plaster by New Age Artisans can transform spaces into beautiful interiors.

What Our Clients Say

Working with Jeremy and New Age Artisans is a pleasure, not only because of the exemplary work, but also because Jeremy is great to work with. Jeremy is very knowledgable in the work he does and takes care in making sure the project is done right. His attention to detail is inspiring to work with. I highly recommend Jeremy and New Age Artisans for beautiful wall finishes.
Matthew Beardsley, Buakunst Construction
We love the warmth and texture of plaster and how it compliments the wood floor and ceilings. Plus, in our remodeling project, the trimless windows and slightly a kilter beams were beautifully integrated by the ability of the plaster to follow unconventional shapes and maintain crisp, clean lines. What we saved on trim work we applied to the wall finish. The walls are the first thing friends mention when they see the project.
Kent Madin
New Age Artisans have a unique ability to work effectively with both client and Architect to educate, explore, and create. Jeremy’s dedication and commitment to his craft make him a stand-out in any successful project.


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